Phase 1 - PolkaCover CryptoProtect

With the rampant growth of the crypto industry, there aren’t any insurance products which cater to the needs of the Crypto community. CryptoProtect offers crypto insurance products for over 40 cryptocurrencies insured by leading multinational companies.

Our initial focus is bring out products targeted at cryptocurrency users which is backed/underwritten by large traditional insurance companies. We have initiated conversations (and received a favorable response) with 2 Multi-national insurance partners to work together on this and create Crypto & DeFi insurance products for the community.

A few of the initial products we are working on are;

  • Stop-loss Insurance against volatile price drops in crypto markets

  • Loss of crypto due to exchange hack

  • Loss of crypto due to phishing attack

  • Loss of crypto due to exchange hack

  • Loss of investment due to fraudulent ICO

  • Loss of crypto due to Wallet Hack Loss of crypto due to loss of private keys

  • Loss of crypto due token going bankrupt/project abandoned

  • Loss of crypto due to mobile/Laptop/storage damage Loss of crypto due to exchange going bankrupt

In the medium term, we are also building out our own P2P Insurance platform ( Insurance DAO ) where we would have additional products in there as well.